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The gut is a black box where products are being transformed. At Cryptobiotix, we decipher this black box in the lab. We elucidate how ingested actives are affected by digestion and interact with the gut microbiome, impacting overall well-being. With innovative technologies and a dedicated team, we keep pushing the boundaries of preclinical research in the field.

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Products intended to improve gut health frequently fail in clinical trials, due to unreliable data from in vitro models. Cryptobiotix was founded to bridge this gap by developing the ex vivo SIFR® technology pipeline:

  • Uniquely validated to predict clinical outcomes
  • High throughput to investigate many conditions in parallel
  • Advanced data visualisation and interpretation

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At Cryptobiotix, we have redefined the approach to gut microbiome research. Utilising our innovative SIFR® technology, we offer a solution that combines high throughput and validated predictivity.

By simulating gut conditions ex vivo, we overcome the limitations of traditional in vitro methods, providing actionable insights quickly and cost-effectively.
Our approach enhances biorelevance, increases throughput, and clarifies key findings through advanced data interpretation, revolutionising preclinical research.

SIFR® technology

Systemic Intestinal Fermentation Research


SIFR® in screening  mode

In screening mode, swiftly evaluate numerous candidates early in discovery phase and identify the most promising ones. Get quick and targeted insights into the efficacy of your products, dosing, synergies, and many more aspects.

SIFR® in prism mode

In prism mode, characterise the interplay between your products and the gut microbiome to provide unparalleled insights into mechanisms of action, efficacy, and interindividual variations. De-risk your product development with a fully validated and predictive ex vivo simulation, increasing your chances of success at clinical stage and providing you with all the data necessary to support IP and regulatory dossier submissions.


We simulate the gastrointestinal tract of humans across many ages and physiologies (healthy, diseased) as well as animals. We have extensive experience investigating all types of products in vitro and ex vivo, from pure ingredients to complex matrices.

Gastrointestinal simulation model

Infant & toddler

Child & adult


Disease & dysbiosis





Product types

Fibres & prebiotics

Probiotics & LBPs

Postbiotics & extracts


Whole foods

Why work with us?

1. De-risk your product development

Predictive insights from the SIFR® de-risk your product development by increasing your chances of clinical success.

2. Gain unprecedented insights in your product

Unravel the mechanism of action of your products and understand how they can contribute to gut health and overall well-being.

3. Shorten time to market

Obtain accurate results and gain critical insights to move forward quickly with IP applications and regulatory dossiers.


Explore our research findings and insights into the gut microbiome. We’re committed to sharing our discoveries with the scientific community to advance knowledge in this field.

Meet our team

Cryptobiotix is a dynamic company, built around a team of dedicated individuals that share a common vision. Challenging the status quo, empowerment, doing what feels right, and curiosity for the unknown. Since 2021, our team grew to more than 10 employees, passionate about enabling discoveries that can improve lives.

Want to join our team?

Aurélien Baudot
CEO & CO-Founder

Aurélien loves both business and science. He thinks in terms of systems, and modularity is a key to his operational approach. He manages daily operations at Cryptobiotix and interacts with customers to frame their research questions into projects with clear deliverables.

Pieter Van den Abbeele
CSO & CO-Founder

Pieter is a seasoned microbiology expert with a knack for developing preclinical models and interpreting complex data. He is the driving force behind the innovation and robustness of our technology. He also coordinates all research projects from start to finish, and integrates the data we generate into carefully interpreted reports.

Lien Van den Bossche
Project Manager

Lien is an enthusiastic project manager who excels at coordinating and optimising our contract research project portfolio. Thanks to her, our projects are delivered on time, and sometimes even ahead of time.

Ingmar van Hengel
Business Development Manager

Ingmar built a impressive scientific and commercial career through the years across various fields within the biotech sector. He will be happy to address your research questions, either through a call or in person at conferences.

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